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The United States of American attract dozens of Romanian entrepreneurs every year

The United States of American attract dozens of Romanian entrepreneurs every year, who open businesses on the American market in varied areas such as IT, tourism, human resources or the food industry. According to "Bocancea", last year 29 Romanian businesspeople became the owners of US-based businesses, after 19 had taken the same step last year, more of them than in 2009, when only 11 investors received visas.
"For entrepreneurs all over the world, America is still a kind of < El Dorado >, due to the very good taxation rate available in certain states, the friendly business environment, as well due to the huge market and the high purchasing power, despite the problems caused by the last few years of crisis", said Ruslan Bocancea, lawyer specializing in US immigration and visas, and managing partner at "Bocancea Law Firm". However, Romanians are way behind the entrepreneurs in other European countries when it comes to the number of E-2 investor visas received. German businesspeople get over 3,000 investment visas from the US annually, French businesspeople get over 2,000, while Italians get about 1,000 every year. The US offer many benefits to foreign investors, and the most important is the possibility to live in the United States for a long period of time, the right to work, the possibility to emigrate with the entire family, the possibility to retire, and so on", Ruslan Bocancea also said. According to the lawyer specializing in US immigrations, any business project that wants to be successful needs a minimum investment ranging from 100,000 and 150,000 dollars and a good business plan for five years ahead. Mr. Bocancea said: "Any entrepreneur can start a business from scratch in the United States, even if they've never owned a business in the past in Romania or in any other country. All they need is a business plan and the funds needed to start".
He said that even though there are several types of investment visas, the most suitable for entrepreneurs and in fact the most sought after is the E-2."The E-2 is a temporary visa which is initially granted for a period ranging between 2 and 5 years, and it can then be extended as long as the business remains profitable, but it is important to remember that this visa does not grant the right to permanent residence or to citizenship", the lawyer said.
Some of the benefits of E-2 include the fact that the entrepreneurs can bring in the members of their families right away, who will get also get the E-2 visas, valid for the same period as those of the entrepreneur. The husbands/wives will have the right to study and work in the US. The children of the entrepreneur will also have the right to study but they will not have the right to work. The entrepreneur will also have the right to bring in a few Romanian employees, including their families with E-2 visas.
In order to go to the US, Romanians currently have over 25 types of temporary visas available. "Bocancea Law Firm" is an American law firm, with offices in the US and in Romania. The company was incorporated in 2010, in Minneapolis (USA), by lawyer Ruslan Bocancea. "Bocancea Law Firm" provides legal consulting and representation in complex matter of immigration to the US to companies as well as individuals. (source bursa.ro)

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